The Route Star Walk-In Van

Built for the Long Haul

The moment you see the Route Star walk-in, you know it's different. From its smooth, rounded radius corners and "toed-in" front fenders, the Route Star van looks like no other walk-in on the road. But the difference is not just styling. Route Star bodies are built from the ground up to set new standards of performance for all walk-in vans.

why a walk in van 001

Raising an "eye-brow"

The Route Star design includes our unique eyebrow that serves a greater purpose. Roof seam leaks have been virtually eliminated thanks to this unique fastening system. The edges of the roof skin are sandwiched between layers of sealant and pairs of mated aluminum extrusions on all four sides. The integrally locked extrusions are then buck riveted in position for a permanent seal. The seals are designed to be completely water tight for the life of the body.